Licensed Paralegal

Why Hire a Paralegal?

Two reasons, really – cost effective service, and specialization.

Paralegals can practice in a defined scope of law, and as such, are specialists in the areas of law that affect most people. Paralegals can offer services in administrative tribunals (such as the Landlord – Tenant Board), in Provincial court matters (such as traffic tickets), the Small Claims Court (for civil suits up to $25,000) and summary conviction criminal law (where the maximum penalty is six months’ incarceration, such as Theft Under $5,000).


The reason that you were speeding doesn’t matter

Canada, as well as other jurisdictions, has defined differing levels of legal liability for some offences; these are called Strict Liability and Absolute Liability. Many offences such as speeding, regulatory offences, and the like are ‘absolute liability’ offences, meaning that the accused does not need mens rea (Latin, meaning ‘guilty mind,’ or the intent to commit a crime or an illegal act).


Employment Law - Dismissal With Cause

In general, an employer in Canada may be dismissed without notice or pay in lieu of notice only for just cause. All other forms of dismissal require reasonable notice, unless there is a clear and enforceable term in the employment agreement that establishes alternative notices.