Licensed Paralegal

  • HIghway Traffic Act
    HIghway Traffic Act
  • Provincial Offences
    Provincial Offences
  • Landlord Tenant
    Landlord Tenant
  • Summary Conviction
    Summary Conviction
  • Small Claims Court
    Small Claims Court

Serving the Niagara Region

A licensed paralegal is authorized to provide legal service in a defined scope of law, and is held to a high degree of competence and professional ethics. I can represent you in any board or tribunal (such as the Landlord-Tenant Board, the Human Rights tribunal or the Ontario Labour Relations Board), in Small Claims Court (for civil lawsuits up to $25,000.00), for any matter under the Provincial Offences Act (including the Highway Traffic Act), and Summary Conviction criminal law (where the penalty is a maximum of six months’ incarceration), drafting contracts, and immigration law.

Everyone is entitled to the full benefit of the law, and that is what I give every single one of my clients. I will raise every defense, advance every issue, and zealously defend your interests as though they were my own.

I will put the law on your side; I will fight to get you the outcome you want--from a traffic ticket, to an eviction order, to a wrongful dismissal, to a criminal charge--you will have a committed, driven advocate on your side.